About Little Toy Boutique

Toys are not just about playing, but about art and creativity and family. Toys are about starting new friendships and learning. As a family we believe toys are what make the world go ‘round so we want to make sure your children get the best. From high quality to made with love, our family hopes to bring you and your children some smiles. As a family that loves toys and makes our own, we know how hard it can be to decide on what to get and what will be the most fun. We offer a wide variety for you to choose from so you can get the perfect toy for your child. But not only do our toys bring laughter and fun, they bring learning and bonding to the table. Early child development and learning comes from what children do every day. Hopefully, with our toys your children can learn and have fun at the same time. Even from costumes to kitchen sets, to race cars, children can learn the smallest things such as sharing. We want our toys to bring happiness to everyone, and what better way to do that than to share and create friendships with the toys we sell at Little Toy Boutique.

About the Family

Mama Golden – CEO of Little Toy Boutique. Mama G loves the outdoors but doesn’t mind a game inside like a nice puzzle or playing dolls with the kids in a high quality wood house that we sell for the best experience. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to learn while playing with some number or color matching games.

Papa Golden – President of Little Toy Boutique. Papa G is all about those yard games. Playing outside has got to be his favorite past-time. From a tent out in the back yard to a friendly game of yard Jenga, Papa G is always ready to go outside.

Zak Golden – Director of Operations. Zak may be the eldest child, but that doesn’t mean he likes toys any less. Race cars and the workshop are always high stakes when in the zone. And don’t even get him started with the excitement of being an agent on his walkie-talkie with his partner in crime, Jenna.

Jenna Golden – Director of Marketing. Jenna is all about the arts. You can always find her with paint on her hands and pencils in her pockets. You can always find Jenna ready to do some arts and crafts and is excited to spread the news of any new toy added to our site.