What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?

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What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?  Create new favorites for your children, from Little Toy Boutique.


We are so excited you are here! Welcome to our Little Toy Boutique Blog. Be sure to read them for fun questions to create some interaction during these distanced times and fun news about any new products we have added. Recently, we have added some new Montessori teethers and rattles for your new babies or for any baby shower. They are responsibly sourced, non-splintering, chemical-free hardwood. We are very proud of all of our wood products. They are all ethically sourced and most are handcrafted. We are so excited to share all our new toys with you!



Speaking of favorite, wooden toys, how about a classic stick-horse, or the great rocking horse, dating back to the 17th Century.  Did you have one?  Children love them and they have become a favorite collectors item for antique enthusiasts. 



Or, how about a nice, wooden version of a classic game, like Tic-Tac-Toe?  Games really bring a family together. Our family plays games at every gathering and many great memories are created.  Games are great for the developing mind, as well as the senior mind to keep hand-eye coordination active and it has been stated to be good for our vision. We have great games for indoors and out.        


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