Music makes the world go ‘round….. 

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Dong, dong, dong! Swing this cowbell back and forth for a sharp clacking sound. Made from maple, thi..


Hermie the Rhythmic Hedgehog

Crafted from locally-sourced, sustainably-harvested maple hardwood, Hermie the Hedgehog is a classic..


Music Box

Highest quality , hand crafted, solid hardwood music box that intrigues children as they learn to cr..



Percussion? In a paw shape? Must be Paw-Cussion! This musical instrument is great for keeping the be..


Rackety Ratchet

The Rackety Ratchet is our version of an old-fashioned noisemaker. Commonly used in Judaism during t..


Sound Cylinders

Storage tray holds twelve cylinders that can be used for six different sound matching and sequencing..


Standard Blast Chart Train Whistle

Our 4-tone Standard Train Whistle sounds just like the real thing. Crafted from responsibly harveste..


Tongue Drum

Tippity tap! The Tongue Drum, featuring four unique sounds from the difference "tongues," is the per..