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Cat Toys
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Candy Corn, Catnip, Plush Toy

CANDY CORN Toy Feature(s): Catnip Breed Size(s): Cat Measurements: 2.5in x 3in (6.35cm x 7...


Cat Duckie Plush Toy

Cat Duckie Plush Toy (Package size - 4"x 2.5"x 6.75") - These soft and snuggly plush shapes feature ..


Catnip Botanicals Refillable Valerian/Peppermint Piglet

KONG Catnip Botanicals Refillables combine Premium North American Catnip and aromatic herbs to creat..


Feather Top Carrot

Feather Top Carrot (Package size - 5"x 1.5"x 6.75") - These soft and snuggly plush shapes feature a ..


Kong - Kickeroo Cat Toy - Cow

Kong - Kickeroo - Cow Pattern. Filled with Premium Catnip. Made from ultra-soft fabric. Promotes wre..


Kong Cat CuteSeas Starfish

The blend of textures on the KONG CuteSeas toys tempt cats to play. The soft plush body invites snug..


KONG® Bat-a-Bout Flicker Firefly

KONG® Bat-A-Bout toys provide mental stimulation and fulfill cats' instinctual desires to chase, hun..


KONG® Better Buzz Bee Toy

KONG® Better Buzz Bee is packed full of potent KONG North American Premium Catnip to launch cats’ na..


KONG® Cat Confetti

The KONG Confetti ball is sure to spark chasing and pouncing instincts with a texture that makes it ..


KONG® Crackles Winkz Cat

KONG Crackles Winkz calls cats to play with irresistible crinkling sounds and glittering wings that ..


KONG® Kitten Chirpz Chick

KONG Kitten Chirpz Chick's motion-activated sound chip calls your kitten to play with an irresistibl..


KONG® Pillows Pal

KONG Pillow Pals is the ideal size for wrestling and batting, spurring on healthy exercise. The text..


KONG® Play Spaces Bungalow

A tiny house just for your kitty, KONG® PlaySpaces Bungalow is an adorable hideaway where your cat c..


KONG® Play Spaces Burrow

KONG® Burrow offers pounce and play options for feisty felines or an enclosed hideout for kitties th..


KONG® Pouncearoo Kitty Toy

KONG Pouncearoo - An oversized toy for big time kitty fun, the Pouncearoo's large body and flip-flop..